A member of the HRC offered to exchange Whelan on Osipov

The head of the Commission for international cooperation of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) Alexander Brod plans to offer the Russian authorities to exchange convicted of espionage American Paul Whelan on the Russian Bogdan Osipov, was sentenced in U.S. for kidnapping her own child.

Earlier the Moscow city court sentenced Whelan to 16 years in a strict regime colony. The prosecution asked for 18 years. The American in the final statement said that espionage was not involved.

"Whelan believes that the sentence is unduly harsh, the case was fabricated. Of course, it can together with lawyers to appeal the verdict. But if the question arises about the cancellation of the prisoners, I think it would be humane to save Bogdan Osipov - the mother of many children separated from their minor children, who are in the care of relatives in the Kaliningrad region... Planning to send this appeal to the Russian authorities," - said RIA Novosti Ford.

According to him, during the period of investigation Osipova almost became an invalid, as was held in "terrible conditions, without walking, without necessary medical care, its force-fed psychotropic substances".

"And now in the period of the pandemic, we know that the prison in which it contains a very high level of morbidity, and, according to relatives, prison authorities and doctors fled. It and 40 women prisoners were placed in the abandoned kitchen, no shower, no hot food, medical care. The person just dies in front of everyone. I believe that our government should consider the possibility of sharing," explained the defender.

The court in U.S. sentenced Osipov to seven years in prison for kidnapping and extortion, within three years after her release, she must be under the supervision and to pay ex-husband $ 18 thousand for legal costs. Osipova left the United States with a child from Brian Mobley in 2014, when she was pregnant with their second child. Mobley received in the U.S. court of full custody of the children.

Osipova in 2017 returned to the U.S. to settle dispute with ex-husband, and was arrested. Mobley's lawyer Oksana Sokolova, told RIA Novosti that the former husband offered and continues to offer Osipova joint custody of the children. Relatives of the condemned claim that treat these proposals with skepticism.