In Moldova removed some of the restrictions on coronavirus

The authorities of Moldova have entered the next stage of the lifting of restrictions on the background of a pandemic of mers in the country resumed air service, returned to work, shopping centers, summer terraces, gyms, but the control over observance of security measures can involve the military.

The Moldovan authorities have decided to lift restrictions gradually every two weeks, and mid-June, everyone was waiting for, like a holiday. Finally had to remove the restrictions on the work of cafes and restaurants, allow all to play sports, and even fly somewhere to the sea. But the coronavirus plans were other — over the past week in the country registered more than 2 million new cases, therefore, together with the softening of the regime's security authorities have decided to return some limitations.

In addition to this, the President Igor Dodon signed the decree, which allows authorities to bring the military to maintain order and to control the spread of the virus. The municipality of Chisinau has warned that it will take advantage of this opportunity, if people will not follow safety rules.

Any way out of the house now you have to plan, especially for those who haven't got your own transport. In response to the growing number of patients with coronavirus authorities of the Moldovan capital took the decision to enter a special mode of public transport — from 5.00 to 10.30 and 15.30 to 21.30 (same as GMT). Weekend travel only by taxi or on foot. The road to the center from any district of Chisinau, the traffic won't take an hour, but this time inside the trolley or bus will have to be in the mask, this is followed very strictly.

Usually on a weekday people come out of the house either for work or for food, and now everyone is trying to go to the markets - there are cherries you can buy, and strawberries, and red currants straight from the Bush have already appeared. But on Monday, you can only admire the locks on the gate - and then the special regime, on weekdays, the markets can only work till 16.00, at weekends — and at 14.00. The first day of the week for all markets declared a holiday during which you need to carry out sanitization.

Instead of markets you can go to the Mall, though there schedule is quite uncomfortable: on weekdays from 10.00 to 16.00, Saturday and Sunday. Near the Central market in Chisinau is a shopping centre Unic. On Monday it was quite empty, although at the entrance to all regularly measure the temperature inside the consultants work in masks and gloves, buyers offer to process hands disinfectants, and discounts are waiting at every corner - on buyers here missed you.

"It's so empty today, last week was much more people, most likely, the reason that has changed the transport schedule, and not everyone can take a weekday to find the time to go shopping" - shared with RIA Novosti consultant of the Shoe Department Olga.

According to her, sales dropped dramatically, because the country has banned mass gatherings, and this means that there will be no graduations, no weddings. In addition, many shops do not have time to change the range spring to summer.

"The situation is complicated as not all shopping malls are ready to cancel the fee for the lease of retail space for two months until we could work. Some building owners offer tenants a 50% discount, but because we have had no income, and now need to buy new goods, not being able to sell the same - only losses," - says the woman.

If shopping malls can't see anyone, the parks were filled with people on the street, the weather was hot, so everyone pulls to sit under a tree with a glass of lemonade or ice cream. The main disappointment of everyone who got out for a walk is closed playgrounds.

"We were so excited that in June opened playgrounds. My daughter is two, she used to play in the yard or in the Park with friends, and on weekends the city hall of Chisinau again they were closed. I can not explain to your kid why not go for a swing, especially if she sees there children some parents do not stop protecting tape, and they still allowed the kids to play, if the police does not see", - told RIA Novosti, Lyudmila.

To slightly lighten the mood a little Chisinau, the parents join them in the cafe. Here, too, is not without its limitations, can only stay on the terraces, the tables are at a distance of five feet, companies with more than four people to sit together will fail.

"Our facility is open until 3.00, so the first guests arrived yesterday to midnight, technically it was already 15-th number. These are our regular guests who missed the opportunity to relax in a familiar place" - shared with RIA Novosti waiter Alexander.

The young man said that the administration of a café came up, as to further secure the hotel. Now all visitors can connect to Wi-Fi network and automatically fall in places where it can use the electronic menu. From paper version was abandoned because of security reasons.

"To me it does not even need to, I used to come here to drink a Cup of coffee and a croissant and waited for this day for almost three months. I never thought that such little things can bring so much joy, coronavirus forced all new to assess their needs and opportunities," said RIA Novosti Elena, who is sitting at a table on one of the terraces in Central Park, the Moldovan capital.

But playing sports for many remain a dream — public playgrounds were closed because of security reasons. Sports halls were allowed to return to work, but no one will be able to use the locker room and take a shower. In addition to this, you need to ensure the distance of half a meter between the equipment and monitor the distance between people during group training. As a result, some fitness centers said that can't continue, because it is not able to ensure the safety of visitors.With

Despite the fact that coronavirus while in Moldova has not disappeared, the authorities decided to resume flights. Therefore, the Chisinau airport happily opened its doors to all who are willing to fly, however, miss the only passengers, the mourners have to say goodbye on the doorstep.

But the online scoreboard, which long stood empty, again pleasing to the eye — London, Dublin, Moscow, Kiev, Berlin, Brussels, tel Aviv, Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens. In General, you can go where the soul wants. But those who arrive to Chisinau, you need to be ready to quarantine for two weeks in isolation and only then - welcome to Moldova!

In the Republic 11740 officially confirmed cases of coronavirus, has died 406.

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