The court in Kiev there was a fight between police and protesters

A fight occurred between police and protesters in front of the court of Shevchenko in Kiev, Ukraine, where was elected the measure of restraint ex-to the head of the Odessa cell "Right sector" Sergey Sternenko on the murder case.

In may 2018, unknown assailants attacked Sternenko, he was hospitalized. One of the attackers on Sternenko was wounded in the stomach and died. The eleventh of June, the press center of the security Service of Ukraine reported that the police suspect Sternenko of premeditated murder and illegal possession of bladed weapons.

As follows from the broadcast, which led the Ukrainian TV channel "Direct" between activists who demand to stop the persecution Sternenko and members of the special police there was a fight. Protesters lit flares.

During the scuffle, the police pushed the protesters from entering the courthouse. In addition, during the fight was arrested three people, police took them to the police who are on duty at the building.

"Right sector"* Ukrainian Association of radical nationalist organizations. In January and February 2014 the militants of the movement participated in the clashes with the police and the seizure of administrative buildings, and from April - in the suppression of protests in the East of Ukraine. In November 2014, the Supreme court has recognized the Union of right-wing extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia. In January 2015, "the Right sector"* was entered in the register of prohibited in Russia organizations.

*Extremist organization banned in Russia.