The Americans saw the "Russian trace" in global terrorism

Republicans in Congress have accused Russia of supporting terrorism. For alleged sponsorship of the Taliban*, the "Islamic state"* and "Hezbollah" legislators have proposed to tighten sanctions. If Donald trump would support these allegations, the joint fight against terrorism between Moscow and Washington would be under threat. Why do Americans put at risk the most fruitful area of cooperation between the two countries, understood to RIA Novosti.

"Russia sponsors terrorism, but it creates the image of the partner in dealing with it. The commander of the U.S. military in Afghanistan has accused Moscow of direct arms supplies to the Taliban. During the Syrian war, Russia has directly interacted with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and Hezbollah. In Syria, the Russian troops fought mostly against the rebels supported by America. In October 2015, Russia launched air strikes on rebels and helped the militants of the IG*", — stated in the report "Strengthening America and combating global threats."

The document was prepared by the largest Republican faction of the house of representatives. Now the President's party members in the minority there, but they are considered conduits of White house policy. This is due to increased interest in the report.

Among the threats to U.S. national security in the first place — China. Russia — on the second.

"The law (which the Republicans propose to take in Congress. — Approx. ed.) requires you to enter against Russia, as a sponsor of terrorism, a number of economic constraints. It is important that the sanctions have affected dual-use items and included the removal of the diplomatic immunity of the individuals that support terrorist organizations. Family members of victims of terrorists should have the right to sue in American courts. Should be prohibited to provide financial assistance and sell arms to" say the Republicans.

In addition, the authors of the report repeated previous accusations of meddling in the American elections and misinformation of Americans. In the political instability in Ukraine and Georgia, of course, also to blame Moscow.

The main conclusion of the Congress: Russia threatens American interests in Syria, Libya, Venezuela and Montenegro. Therefore, the necessary sanctions.

As for Beijing, the growing Chinese power Republican strategists see as a potential long-term threat. Moscow's stopping right now.

"Russia and China aimed at restructuring the international system and undermining people's faith in democracy," conclude the authors of the document.

Now years of Russian-American cooperation in the fight against terrorism could be called into question. Despite the difficult inter-state relations, in this sphere, Moscow and Washington has always adhered to a common approach.

Recently the President of Russia said that at the end of last year, US intelligence agencies informed the FSB about the militants of the IG*, who arrived in St. Petersburg.

"That's the situation the Americans controlled. Then got in touch with Moscow. The terrorists were detained. I called Donald with words of gratitude for what they gave us this information", — explained Putin.

Not helped Russia. After the attacks of 11 September 2001, Moscow has expressed Washington's support. During the antiterrorist campaign in Afghanistan through Ulyanovsk in Kabul were moved half of all non-military goods. This route Americans actively used until 2015.

In the middle East, the U.S. and Russia coordinated the fight against "al-Qaeda", and then "Islamic state."*

In 2013 Russian special services advised the colleagues from the FBI to look at living in America immigrants from the CIS to the brothers tsarnaev. But they did not heed the advice. And in the attack on the marathon in Boston, hosted Tsarnaev, killed three people, about three hundred were injured.

Ahead of the Olympics in Sochi year Moscow and Washington were intensively share information on suspicious people and events.

Cooperation is not interrupted even in the period of the pandemic coronavirus. "We still continue to communicate about upcoming attacks on law enforcement agencies and special services", — said in may, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Oleg Syromolotov.

"Report of the Congress is a recommendation, but the initiative for sanctions to punish Moscow is significant, — says in an interview with RIA Novosti RIAC program Director Ivan Timofeev. — Domestic issues — protests against the racist election campaign — split American society. Republicans looking for a unifying agenda. But according to Russian, Chinese, Iranian threat, there is always a bipartisan consensus."

To introduce Russia to the list of sponsors of terrorism was offered in the end of last year — in the framework of the draft law "On the protection of U.S. security from the aggression of the Kremlin", reminds Timofeev. The package provided for sanctions received the name DASKA, but in the end it was never adopted.

"The white house and the state Department in December, was criticized DASKA. The Executive power of the United States is aware that these sanctions are trying to drive Russia into a corner. However, this Russia is for Americans to even more danger, so the project was rejected. Now the Republicans simply repeated many of the provisions of DASKA in the report, but his basic thesis still marginal," explains Timofeev.

Accusations of sponsorship of terrorism, according to experts, shows the ignorance of U.S. history. "If you dig deeper, it turns out that the creation of the "Taliban"* or "Hezbollah" are not Russians, and Americans. The Republicans should teach materiel," he noted.

Timofeev believes that cooperation between Moscow and Washington in the fight against terrorism will continue. But the closer the election, the more populist initiatives and calls to punish all dissenters with the Americans.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.