The second participant of the presidential campaign in Belarus withdrew from the elections

A presidential aspirant in Belarus, Deputy Chairman of the Association of carriers "Region 8" Natalia Kissel ceases to participate in the election campaign, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of its initiative group of Siarhei Shtoda.

Earlier, in late may, deputies of the lower house of Parliament and the Chairman of the liberal democratic party of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich declared that withdraws the candidacy from presidential election in favor of incumbent Alexander Lukashenko. Thus, Kissel became the second politician who refused from participation in elections even at the stage of collecting signatures, which ends June 19. Last week Jelly has collected 100 thousand signatures necessary for nomination as a candidate in presidents of Belarus.

According to him, the coordinators of the initiative group plan to submit signatures of citizens for inspection at the relevant election Commission, decided to "keep them".

To the question, what was the purpose of the participation of the Pudding is in the election campaign, Shtoda said that "wanted to voice their questions and problems, to show that there are the carriers – not the opposition, not the government, and there is also a category of people".

Presidential elections are scheduled in the Republic on 9 August. After withdrawing from the elections Kissel and representatives in the presidential campaign in the remaining 13 participants, including Lukashenko, who is running for a sixth term.