The IAEA said about monitoring the DPRK's nuclear programme

The IAEA monitors the nuclear program of the DPRK, using satellite imagery and open sources of information, said on Monday the head of the Agency and Rafael Grossi.

"The Agency continues to monitor the DPRK's nuclear programme using open-source information and satellite imagery. We remain ready to play an important role in monitoring the DPRK's nuclear programme, if there was a political agreement between countries concerned," said Grossi, speaking before the Agency's Board of governors.

He urged the DPRK to comply fully with the obligations under resolutions of the UN security Council, to cooperate promptly with the Agency and to resolve all issues, including those that have arisen during the absence of IAEA inspectors in the country.

The DPRK's nuclear programme for many years a concern of the world community, its development has provoked the introduction of UN security Council sanctions against Pyongyang. After a series of missile and nuclear tests in 2017, North Korea announced the achievement of the objectives of the program and commitment to denuclearization, implying the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula and obtaining security guarantees.

2018 were two of the summit, the US-DPRK, which the parties agreed to move towards denuclearization and normalization of relations, was also held four inter-Korean summit. Recently, the dialogue in both directions came to a halt. Washington demands that Pyongyang take more decisive action to abandon nuclear weapons, North Korea, in turn, noted that the United States generally do nothing in response to her voluntary steps to denuclearize.