The US Ambassador appreciated the impact of the sentence Whelan on relations between Russia and the United States

The verdict of the American Semi Whelan, whom the Moscow city court on Monday sentenced to 16 years ' rigorous imprisonment for espionage, will affect relations between Russia and the United States, but will not lead to dialogue, said the US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan after the verdict.

"It will not have good effects on our relationship," said Sullivan.

The American diplomat stressed that the two countries have very diverse relations that relate to a wide range of issues.

"The case of Whelan hinders our progress and other issues on which there is a dialogue", - he said.

"I will work on improving our relations, and Paul Whelan is an important element in improving our relations, but there are many other topics that need discussion," he said.

The Moscow city court on Monday sentenced Whelan to 16 years in a penal colony for espionage. For comparison, the prosecution asked Whelan for 18 years of strict regime colony. The accused the last word said that espionage was not involved.

The process followed closely in the United States, to meetings was often visited by the American Ambassador, but directly in a court hall it is not allowed never: in the case marked "top secret", the review took place in a restricted mode.

During the detention of Whelan regularly complained about the state of health, quality of care, the prohibition to call your parents, of threats from prison staff and other things.

In the end, calls home, he was allowed after 16 months of arrest and recently had surgery for hernia, but recommended by the Embassy of the United States doctors are not allowed, considering that this is not necessary. The United States Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan called the trial of Whelan, "opaque".

A consequence of the plot of the case is not officially open: from the press release, the FSB followed that Whelan was detained in Moscow in late 2018 during spy promotions. The defense claims that American became a victim of provocation: he gave the flash drive that he had expected to see a photo of a tourist trip to Sergiev Posad.