Director General of the IAEA urged Tehran to provide access to two objects

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi on Monday urged Iran to provide immediate access to two objects, which Tehran for four months will not allow the Agency's inspectors.

"I call on Iran for the immediate and full cooperation with the Agency, including to provide immediate access to these us facilities," added Grossi.

Speaking to the IAEA Board of governors in March, Grossi has already raised this question. Then he noted that the Agency had not previously encountered the denial of access to the requested object on the additional Protocol, as is now happening in Iran.

Previously, Grossi also stated that Iran has not provided the requested information of the Agency, and stressed that the country would risk provoking a crisis, if not to cooperate with the organization. In turn, Iran said that the IAEA requirements are based on the attempts of the US and Israel to prevent cooperation between Tehran and the Agency.