Media: in Islamabad lost two of the Indian diplomat

Two Indian diplomat from the high Commission of India in Pakistan went missing Monday morning in Islamabad, reports channel NDTV.

It is noted that the government of India asked the government of Pakistan in connection with this alarming situation.

The incident occurred few weeks after two Pakistani diplomat in new Delhi who worked in the visa section, was accused of espionage and deported.

The TV channel notes that in the last few days in Islamabad revealed several cases of spying on Indian diplomats, in particular, the inter-services intelligence officer pursued the car chargé d'affaires of India in Pakistan Gaurava Ahluwalia.

In March, the high Commission of India in Pakistan has written to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Pakistan note of protest in connection with the prosecution of the officers and staff of the diplomatic mission. India noted that only in March had been 13 such cases, and asked Pakistan to put an end to them. India also said that Pakistan needs "to investigate the incident urgently and instruct the relevant authorities to ensure that they are not repeated."

Relations between India and Pakistan escalated after August 5, 2019 new Delhi announced the decision to abolish the state of Jammu and Kashmir, creating on its basis two Union territories (administrative units that have less rights than the state). For this, the Indian Parliament abolished article 370 of the Constitution, which gives the state special status. Pakistan, which claims the Indian part of Kashmir, strongly condemned the decision.

After the Muslim regions of British India formed the separate state of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir was the only Indian state where the majority are Muslims. There are active separatists, which new Delhi accuses the Pakistani authorities. Islamabad denies the accusations, saying that the Kashmiris themselves are fighting for their rights.