In the Saratov region told about new cases COVID-19

Half of the 128 newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus in the Saratov region have pneumonia, the total number infected with this infection exceeded 4.7 thousand people, said Monday the regional operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

In total, the region had died and 38 patients with COVID-19.

States that among new cases COVID-19 has eight children. From the number of new cases of coronavirus 56 revealed in Saratov, a 15 - Engels, 14 in Balakovo, eight in Arsovska, seven in Pugachev, six in Volsk, three in dergachevsky, Ekaterinovskiy, Saratov and Hulinska, two - in Marxian and Samoilovsky, one in Aleksandrovo-Gayskiy, Atkarsk, Baltayskogo, Krasnokutsky, Ozinsky and Romanovsky areas of the region.

The headquarters added that the total number of cases of coronavirus in the region has reached 4734 people, including recovered 2071 people, including 19 - for the last days.

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