Infectious hospital of the Amur gas processing plant received a batch of equipment

A batch of medical equipment was received for the medical facilities of the Amur gas processing plant (GPP) in the Amur region, which have identified more than 100 cases of coronavirus, as well as for hospital Free, according to the government of the region.

Earlier the Governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov said that the GEA officially recorded 112 patients: there were a total of 136 patients, of whom 24 were recovered. Arrived 64 health care providers from other regions of the country. At the entrance to Free a regime of special permits.

Received equipment will be installed in Svobodnensky city hospital and two major medical sites GPZ: in provisory hospital and the new premises under construction evako and screening of infectious hospital. It is planned that after the end of the new hospital will function as a multidisciplinary center. On the basis of infectious hospital will be carried out examinations using computed tomography, as well as modern x-ray equipment. Here you will find clinical lab equipment.

In addition, the hospital will be equipped telecommunications center, and Department of functional diagnostics. According to plans, the new infectious hospital of the Amur gas processing plant is designed for 88-bed hospital, will begin work in late June – early July. In the coming days in Free will also deliver modern ambulances, authorities said.

The construction of the Amur gas processing plant with a planned processing volume of 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year started in October, 2015. Raw material for it should be the gas coming through the pipeline "Power of Siberia". Enter the first two production lines of the plant is expected in April 2021, its output at full capacity with six lines in 2025.

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