Experts predicted the emergence controversyover opportunities at the C-400

Contrapresiune opportunities may have improved modification of s-400 "Triumph", according to military experts interviewed by RT.

According to the Director of the Museum of air defence in Balashikha Yuri Knutova, in addition to the s-400 such a possibility is likely to receive s-500 and self-propelled laser system "Peresvet" in a modernized version. With expert opinion agreed and founder of the portal MilitaryRussia Dmitry Kornev, who added that the modernization kontrobersyal opportunities will have other types of weapons, created based on new physical principles and using directed energy.

"In the s-500 was originally laid function destruction of hypersonic targets, in particular, ballistic warheads, but some refinement to shoot down hypersonic vehicles will be able to rest SAM, for example, s-400 and Buk-M3. The same properties in the future will have laser and microwave weapons," — said Kornev.

He added that the interception of hypersonic vehicles is a complex task, which requires a powerful radar (radar), digital signal processing, high performance computing hardware, high-speed missiles, as well as qualitative range of drop-out decoys.

In addition, according to Kotova, armed of the Russian armed forces are already tools that allow to detect and separate to hit hypersonic targets in a particular radar "Enemy-GE" and missiles from the Arsenal of the Moscow missile defense system A-135.

Earlier Vladimir Putin declared that when other States will create hypersonic ballistic missiles, similar to the existing Russia, you will be "surprised" by the fact that the country will develop means to combat them.