Expert OP talked about a "disservice" to the Dormition of Ephraim

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya has a "disservice" staged a fatal accident, the actor Mikhail Yefremov, said the expert of the media Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia Vadim Manukyan in an interview with "MK".

Earlier, in an interview with "Fifth Channel" Uspenskaya said that Efremov "needs treatment, not punishment". The actress also promised to collect folk artists, including Gaga, Lev Leschenko and Vladimir Vinokur to "sign papers asking them not to lose an actor." With this instagram, the singer also wrote that he is not trying to protect anyone, and "worse than he punished himself, Ephraim, no one will be punished."

"In my opinion, the activity, which has now developed a Love assumption, it can be called a "disservice" for Mikhail Efremov. She's still friends and may incite the desire to protect Ephraim. The same Leshenko, Vinokur, Babkina, which says Uspenskaya, and other artists, perhaps, without its activity there is nothing to sign and speak on this subject and would not want to. Yes, and not the fact that they now want this," — said Manukyan.

According to him, artists with whom he spoke on the subject, "stunned" statements of the assumption.

"They have a completely different position on this matter and they believe that everything should be resolved by the court, not some petitions of artists. I believe that every artist is able to decide whom to support, and not to put signatures under collective letters. By this logic, it turns out that any artist who falls he should only heal, not to judge", — concluded the expert.

He also said that Efremov in the video made it clear that he is not going to disappear from justice and is willing to accept punishment for their actions.

On Monday Efremov in a jeep drove into oncoming traffic on Smolensk square and crashed into a van Lada. The accident killed 57-year-old driver Sergey Zakharov. The expertise found in the blood of Ephraim traces of alcohol and drugs. He faces up to 12 years of imprisonment.