Air defense systems "tor-M2" will be deployed until 2027

Air defense systems "tor-M2" will arrive in the Russian army until 2027, said the head of the military defense of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov.

In particular, the defense Ministry and the plant "Kupol" signed last year a contract for 100 billion rubles for the supply of "tor-M2" to the troops.

Due to this will increase the share of modern weapons short range For businesses is economic stability, a stable work of dozens of related enterprises, the development of scientific potential, including in the creation of advanced models of weapons, the General noted.

"Tor-M2" is an all – weather tactical air defense missile system designed for air defense at the level of divisional managers during the conduct of hostilities and on the March, protection of communication nodes, command posts and other objects.

Can shoot down planes, helicopters, radio-controlled missiles, bombs and gliding aerial bombs, drones and other elements of modern precision weapons.