Learned how to be stored the genetic data of Russians

Genetic data Russians will be stored in "anonymised", said the President of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk in an interview with "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

"All human genomes in a single database will be depersonalized, the people in it are in some sense "impersonal," said Kovalchuk.

He stressed that all the information will be stored in the data center of the Institute. The source publication also noted the need for strict protection of this information by the state.

"We need to seriously address the legislation in the field of development and use of genetic technologies. Obviously, all of this information should be especially protected by the state personal data" — continued the scientist.

Knowledge of the genome allows to lay the foundations for the creation of personalized medicine, he said.

"Exploring the genome of whole groups of the population, we can draw conclusions, what people with some genetic specificity is prone to certain diseases. Then it is possible, first, a preventive way to prevent the disease, and secondly, to predict what disease can develop in humans. And medicine will be focused on maintaining the health of a particular person at a genetic level", — said Kovalchuk.

Earlier Vladimir Putin has charged the government with the assistance of the Kurchatov Institute to create a National database of genetic information. 2021 for this purpose will provide funds from the Federal budget.