The Moscow city court will announce the verdict to the accused espionage American Semi Whelan

The Moscow city court on Monday will announce the verdict to the accused espionage American Semi Whelan, the court will hear only the introductory and operative part of the verdict, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

A consequence of the plot of the case is not officially open: from the press release, the FSB followed that Whelan was detained in Moscow in late 2018 during spy promotions. Under Russian law, he faces 10 to 20 years in prison.

The process took a month and a half, after which the court retired to the deliberation room. In the debate of the parties the prosecution asked for the alien, 18 years of strict regime colony. The last word Whelan asked him to justify in connection with innocence. In prison, the American repeatedly asked to be allowed calls his parents, it was achieved after 16 months in custody.

The American complained about his health. Russian doctors monitored his health, however, Whelan was asked to permit his inspection of English-speaking doctors. Late in the evening of 27 may, his health deteriorated, he turned to the administration of the remand prison "Lefortovo" and immediately after examination by the doctors of the medical unit was sent to the Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosofskiy. The next day Whelan had an operation for hernia in the groin area. In the hospital he spent a couple of days, then he was returned to jail.

The process is closely watched in the United States, to meetings was often visited by the American Ambassador, but directly in a court hall it is not allowed never: in the case marked "top secret", the consideration was in restricted mode. U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan stated that he considers the trial of Whelan opaque.