Bankers called services that can be paid for clients

Banks will be forced to charge money for some services if the administrative regulation and limitation fees for card acceptance (acquiring), the newspaper "Izvestia" with reference to the letter of the Association of Russian banks (ADB) to the government.

It is noted that customers may have to pay for the issuing and maintenance of cards, the use of mobile apps of banks, access to the call center. Also, banks can reduce or cancel the loyalty program, the newspaper reports. The costs of these services now subsidized by interchange fees, says the letter.

According to ADB Vice President Alexei Voylokova, Russia has a different business model in the market of cashless payments, through which most services are free for customers — they are subsidized by revenue from acquiring. The interlocutor of the newspaper noted that this model allowed to increase the share of non-cash turnover from 25 percent in 2014 to 65 percent in 2020.

"If a pensioner or a student in Russia will have to pay for the card about six thousand every year, in European countries, he would prefer not to refuse non-cash payments", — said Voilukov.

He also added that the option of charging for services such as mobile application — unlikely, since it has a wide range of functions, including loan processing. Most likely, according to Voilukov, the restrictions would entail a compensated issue and service of cards.

The Central Bank, meanwhile, said that the restriction on acquiring commissions is temporary, and the measure is intended to support including small and medium-sized businesses.

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus, the Russian authorities have introduced a number of measures to support trade. In particular, the Bank of Russia has restricted an acquiring fees for medical services the level of one per cent from 1 June to 30 September. The same measure, the Central Bank is used for online purchases for the period from 15 April to 30 September. In some cases, banks had been lifted for customers acquiring a Commission or a fee for the service terminal.

ADB in late may asked the government to abandon further restrictions acquiring commissions, since, according to estimates of Association, this measure will lead to the need to subsidize the acquiring business banks and divert funds from other priority sectors.

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