Ukraine "opens doors" for international flights

Ukraine on Monday resumes international flights, suspended due to coronavirus. The airline started selling tickets, but the number of referrals will initially be limited to fly in those countries that are willing to open their borders to foreigners, and some who arrived to Ukraine will have to spend two weeks in isolation or observation, depending on the epidemiological situation in the country of departure.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, the number of identified cases of coronavirus in the country is 31 154 died 889 people, 14082 recovered.

The state frontier service of Ukraine on Monday, the government opens border checkpoints and control points at airports. However, to fly away from Ukraine will be possible only in those countries that open their borders to foreigners.

"The prerogative in opening the borders remains for countries with a developed tourist destination and the favourable epidemiological situation. We gradually open the sky, but the safety and security of our citizens remain a priority", - said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.

According to the Ministry of infrastructure, starting Monday, the citizens of Ukraine without any restrictions will be able to fly including in the United States, Turkey, Albania. Also resumes flights from the UK. But Britain requires arriving aliens to be two weeks in quarantine.

June 27, Ukraine you can fly to Tunis, but there will have to be tested for coronavirus.

The European Commission recommended extending restrictions on entry into the EU from third countries until 30 June. The Ukrainian Consul in the Netherlands Yurii Karpuk said that regular flights on the route Kiev-Amsterdam will commence on 15 June.

"Airline KLM plans to fly three times a week on the route Amsterdam-Kiev ...from June 15," said Karpuk Agency "UKRINFORM". According to him, since June 16, the same flight will carry Ukrainian airline "Ukraine International airlines".

Major airlines, including Ukrainian, resumed the sale of tickets in different directions. The airline Wizz air opened the sale of tickets from Kiev to different countries of the EU from 16 June. Anyone can buy a ticket for a flight to Riga (Latvia), Athens (Greece), Billund (Denmark), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lisbon (Portugal). From June 17 to buy tickets to London (UK), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Berlin (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Warsaw (Poland), Tallinn (Estonia).

Major Ukrainian airline SkyUP after the announcement of the resumption of international flights offered from June 17 to flight from Kiev to Milan (Italy) and back, and also from Naples (Italy) to Kiev. From the 20th of June have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the flight Kiev-Rome-Kiev (Italy).

Since July, most airlines start selling tickets to almost anywhere in the world.

RIA Novosti was unable to obtain formal review of any airlines offering flights to EU countries, can passengers be problems with crossing the border in the country of arrival. A source in one of the airlines told RIA Novosti that the leadership still does not understand completely, as will be transportation to the countries that have closed borders to foreigners.

International airport Boryspil near Kiev plans Monday to serve 15 flights a day, but it is possible that due to low demand for tickets, some flights canceled.

According to him, it is primarily about domestic flights, but some international. "There is a Kingdom, the European countries according to a pre-declared flight that used to have the status of evacuation, where there is a sale. In my opinion, flies, Lebanon, Oman. That is such scattered geography of flights", - he said.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, declares about the gradual resumption of international flights.

"The government has allowed entry to foreigners who are not citizens of countries with a high prevalence COVID-19, which were not on the territory of such States in the past 14 days. These changes will allow to resume work at the enterprises of air transport and to establish international air service", - said the head of Department Crickley. However, he did not specify which countries in question.

According to Ministry of health, the citizens who arrived to Ukraine from countries with high levels of infection by the coronavirus, will undergo a mandatory two-week isolation or observation.

Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov said that the Agency divided the country into "red" and "green" zones. The "red" area is those States where the situation with coronavirus worse than in Ukraine, and "green" - where the situation is the same as in Ukraine, or better.

"People who come back from the "red" zone, needs 14 days to be on isolation or observation. From the "green" zone will require the isolation," - said Stepanov.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of health, chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko added that a citizen who returned from the "green" zone may not pass the isolation or observation, if he has furnished a medical insurance policy.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.