Wife Revva appreciated the scandalous video Kirkorov about paratroopers

Singer Philip Kirkorov, playing the role in Comedy sketch show about paratroopers, wanted to raise the "national spirit" during isolation. About this in an interview with "Fifth channel" said the wife of the showman Alexander Revva, designer Angelica Revva.

Previously, the artist published a shot for the Comedy sketch show movie, where they appear in the image of the paratrooper. The former head of the airborne forces Vladimir Shamanov called the story disgusting and called Kirkorov to apologize and remove the video "for your own good".

The designer believes that aware can any joke.

However, she admitted that the video was "to touch the soul" of those associated with airborne.

Earlier, the author of the video, directed by Marius Weisberg said that he did not want to offend anyone. He called the video funny. According to the Director, the joke was irony and were not airborne.