In the United States during the demolition of the statue of the head of the Confederation found Bourbon 1936

Workers involved in the dismantling of the statue of the President of the slaveholding South during the civil war Jefferson Davis from the Capitol in Kentucky, found a bottle of Bourbon hidden inside the monument in 1936, reports the New York Post.

Previously the Advisory Commission on historic property to Kentucky almost unanimously voted to remove the statue. All of US began natural the demolition of monuments to southern Civil war against the backdrop of protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of the police. In particular, the statue of Davis, was demolished in the Richmond, Virginia, which was the capital of the South.

Apart from a bottle of pure Bourbon Glenmore Kentucky, the statue was kept the issue of the newspaper State Journal of October 20, 1936, the day when the statue was installed.

During the conflict the North and the South 1861-1865 on the basis of slavery the part of the state seceded from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (CSA). The military conflict ended with the victory of the North and restoring the USA to its former borders. Were also freed slaves, but de facto the situation of African Americans remained unequal in many States until the 1960-ies.

Davis was the first and only President of the CSA.