Putin told Russia's strength

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called racism and the demolition of monuments in Europe, a destructive phenomenon and brought as a reverse example, in Russia the whole country provided assistance to Dagestan.

"We'll see. Well, what is there to predict," he said in the program "Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin" answering the question of how issues of racism and the demolition of monuments in Europe can have far-reaching consequences.

"Anyway, this is a destructive phenomenon, without any doubt. Imagine this: African-Americans should be treated only African-American doctors. Well, we have, in our multinational country, I do not know anyone: Mari should be treated only Mari or Russian only Russian, and Tatars only Tatars, Dagestanis only Dagestanis. I accidentally took the chain. Here, Dagestan was in a difficult situation, and the whole country stood up to help," said Putin.

Dagestan was in a difficult situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. The President held a special meeting and instructed to provide all necessary assistance to the Republic.

Putin said that to assist the Dagestan Republic "and the army went, and MOE went, doctors from all over the country went there".

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