In Yerevan police detain supporters of Tsarukyan from the national security service building

The Armenian police have started arrests of supporters of the head of the opposition parliamentary faction of the prosperous Armenia of businessman Gagik Tsarukyan, whose house on Sunday, a search was conducted, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Tsarukyan's supporters gathered outside the national security Service (SNB), where the MP came in for questioning. Police forcibly seated in the machine a few people.

NBC announced Sunday on excitation of criminal case under article "illegal entrepreneurship, combined with causing damage in large size individuals, organizations or the state" and "causing property damage by deception or abuse of trust, causing damage in especially large sizes" in connection with the activities of the company "Onira club", which founder is Tsarukyan. MP from "Prosperous Armenia" Naira Zohrabyan spoke about the search conducted in the house of the head of the faction, stating that SNB officers are also in the houses of many party members and associates. Sam Tsarukyan called the event the political pressure on him.

On the fifth of June at a meeting of the political Council of the party Tsarukyan proposed to change the government at 100%. According to him, the main problem is that in government there are no experienced people.

The party "prosperous Armenia" political force with a liberal slant - was created by Tsarukian in 2004. In the current Parliament, Prosperous Armenia owns 25 seats out of 132.