Putin: Russia leads in the development of new types of weapons

Russia is in first place in terms of development of new weapons, including hypersonic weapons, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Traditional service potential we don't just upgrade, we are introducing new systems. And in this sense it is safe to say that by this measure we are today number one in the world", - Putin said in an interview, a fragment of which was shown in the broadcast "Vesti Nedeli".

"You asked me, but how was it possible to anticipate? And what about how the situation will develop? And what it must have been difficult if the United States had announced that they out of the ABM Treaty? So, we had to therefore make plans to ensure the unconditional security of the country, Russia," - he stressed.

The President of the Russian Federation noted that the same types of weapons that are available today in the country, in the future there will be other leading military powers.