Spain opens border with the Schengen countries

Spain open their borders with the Schengen countries on 22 June, with the exception of Portugal, which borders open on 1 July.

This, according to the Agency Efe, said Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in the negotiations in line with the heads of governments of the Autonomous communities.

According to the newspaper Pais, the opening of borders will occur on June 21.

It is expected that the official timing of the opening of the borders, the Prime Minister will announce later at a press conference on Sunday.

According to Efe, Sanchez announced that on 1 July there will be an official opening ceremony of the Spanish-Portuguese border where you will be attended by king Felipe VI, Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Costa and the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Earlier this week the European Commission recommended to member States of the European Union, the Schengen area and the associated Schengen States to remove internal border controls by 15 June 2020, however, the Minister of foreign Affairs Arantxa Gonzalez said that Spain will do at the end of June.

A high alert was introduced in Spain on March 14 and will run until June 21.