Prigogine ready to help "impoverished musicians" money

Russian producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Moscow speaking" stated willingness to pay stranded musicians the money that he had allocated state.

He also thanked the country's leadership for help.

Also, according to him, offset the costs of its channel.

"Still, there is some money given. According to the minimum wage, some gave a penny, but it is salvation, at least to eat, to buy," — said Prigogine.

He again stressed that in the difficult situation of musicians and creative people can't be locked up — they need to act and grow professionally.

Also, the producer said that over way stage his wife, singer Valeria has a large number of people who also needed money.

Earlier in the Network there was a scandal between Joseph Prigogine and Sergey Shnurov because of the words of the producer of a distressed situation of the actors after the cancellation of concerts in connection with padamya coronavirus. Skirmish the celebrities attracted the attention of other stars.

Some media also reported that several artists have applied for financial assistance. In the framework of the support program, the government provided entrepreneurs with direct payments in the amount of one minimum wage per employee.

Before a difficult position said bodybuilder and showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He said that artists do not have a penny, "unlike the grandparents".