In Omsk we began to connect apartment houses after the accident on the pipeline

The specialists of "Omskgorgaz" on Sunday started the connection to the gas supply after the crash of houses on the left Bank of Omsk, the work planned to be completed before the end of the day, according to the city administration.

Earlier it was reported that last Friday because of lightning in the pipeline, the pipeline caught fire in Omsk on the left Bank in the area of the intersection of Dianova, Volgograd and 2nd Sun. No gas left more than 66 thousand inhabitants - a quarter of the total population of the left Bank of Omsk. Emergency repair work on the fire place completed on Saturday.

In the mayor's office said that all enterprises with a continuous cycle of work was connected to the gas supply on Saturday.

According to the revised data of the city administration, in the accident from the gas supply was disconnected 1 thousand apartment houses, 6200 houses of the private sector, 36 companies of different ownership forms and four boilers.