Atlanta torched the cafe, which the police officer shot a black man

Protesters in Atlanta due to the death of African-American Rashard Brooks lit café, next to which a police officer shot him.

The protests began in Atlanta after the death of 27-year-old Brooks. As reported by the police, the police on Friday evening got a call from the complaints that the car in which slept the man, blocked part of the playgrounds at fast food restaurant Wendy's. They, according to the Agency, revealed that Brooks was drunk, and tried to detain him, but he grabbed one of the officers Taser and tried to escape. A police officer shot the man, Brooks died in a hospital after surgery. Protesters on Saturday torched cars, smashed Windows and blocked roads.

Fire no data about whether there is someone inside the burning building.

CNN notes that the protesters impeded the fire trucks. Earlier, the TV channel reported that the police tried to disperse the crowd of protesters with tear gas.

The chief of police of Atlanta has already resigned, the mayor called for the dismissal of the shooter policeman.