Guido did not recognize the appointment of the National electoral Council

The opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido did not recognize the appointment of the National electoral Council (CNE) approved the country's Supreme court.

"Our position is clear in 2018, we do not participate in the farce, and do not recognize the illegitimate elections Board," he said Guido.

Earlier, the Constitutional chamber of the Supreme court of Venezuela (TSJ) was appointed head of the CNE judge Indira Alfonso and renewed the membership of the organization. At the head of the CNE Alfonso changed Tibisay to Lucena, which had held this position since 2006. Earlier it held a post of the Chairman of the TSJ and the head of the electoral chamber Alfonso took the oath of office of the head of the CNE immediately after the announcement of the decision of the Supreme court.

TSJ said in the ruling that the procedure for the election and appointment of management CNE took place after the failure of the National Assembly, where most of the seats occupied by the opposition parties to present their candidates to the electoral Council, called the document unconstitutional and disrespectful move.

In Venezuela at the beginning of 2019 began mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro shortly after the oath of office. Juan Guido, head of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition, illegally declared himself interim head of state. A number of Western countries led by the US announced its recognition of Guido. In turn, Maduro called the head of the Parliament a puppet of the US. Russia, China, Turkey and several other countries have supported Maduro as the legitimate President.