Pushkov ridiculed the art object "Branch" in the Tretyakov gallery

The head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass-media Alexey Pushkov in the air of program on TVC "PostScript" criticized the art object "Branch" in the Tretyakov gallery.

In the plot of the transmission showed the shooting in March of this year at the Museum. The footage shows that the installation was placed on the background of the painting of Alexander Ivanov "the appearance of Christ to the people." According to the Senator, the object of the authorship of Andrew's Monastery has nothing to do with art.

"That's just not necessary to tell us that the supposedly high understanding of contemporary art not all ready. Branch attached with tape to the fanerku, is a branch, fastened with tape to the fanerku. That is, profanity. The reverse is very difficult to prove," said Pushkov.

He also appealed to Twitter followers and asked what they think about this art object. They are outraged that "Branch" was placed in front of the work Ivanov.

"You cannot defile the Tretyakov gallery... One of the best pictures closed outright cheap," complained @t_krauze.

"I don't understand modern art, so I can not judge about the value of this work. But I'm pretty sure he has no place in front of the wonderful picture. I think that's blasphemy," wrote @JDhbGcYCVcOAPF0.

Some users have noted that the art object is not valid in principle, irrespective of background.

"Neither in the background or without background demonstration is not justified," — said @ivan90009.

And some took the situation with irony.

"I let the wood will be brought to the Tretyakov gallery, for free," joked @SvetlanaLyubim8.