The head of the Atlanta police force resigned after the death of African American

The chief of police of the American city of Atlanta Eric shields resigned in connection with the death of African-American Rashard Brooks after the arrest, said the mayor keisha lance bottoms.

The mayor of Atlanta said that the shields will continue to work with the city police.

Bottoms expressed condolences to the family of the deceased. During the press conference, she called for an investigation into this incident and other incidents involving use of force by the police.

Earlier it became known that the 27-year-old Brooks was wounded by police Friday night. Law enforcement authorities received a complaint about sleeping in the car at a fast food restaurant person. During the conflict with the police after carrying out a test for alcohol intoxication, which showed a positive result, the man grabbed the stun gun of a police officer and tried to flee, whereupon the police officer shot him. Brooks died in the hospital after surgery.