Russia has cancelled banking roaming

Russian banks Jun 14 prohibited from charging a fee for interregional money transfers within the same credit institution, the relevant law came into force on Sunday.

In mid-December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing the so-called Bank of roaming, that is the Commission for interregional money transfers between accounts of citizens in one Bank. According to the document, the size of the fee when transferring funds from account to account between individuals within the same Bank can not be attributed to the opening of Bank accounts in different separate (internal structural) branches of the Bank.

A ban on the lifting of Bank of roaming in the first place raised the savings Bank. The largest Russian Bank since April gradually began to replace the traditional Commission on remittances between physical persons subscription.

According to the new tariff, clients of Sberbank will be able monthly to transfer up to 50 thousand rubles in the Bank without a fee. The Bank believes that inter-regional transfers will be free for almost 90% of customers.

To make transfers in excess of the limits credit, the organization introduced a system of subscriptions that enables you to set the Commission for payments and transfers in accordance with the needs of each client.