The military began the redeployment of equipment to the Victory parade in Moscow

The military began the redeployment of equipment to take part in the Victory parade at Alabino near Moscow from a temporary site in the street Bottom Mnevniki in Moscow, said the Russian defense Ministry.

"Military equipment of the mechanized column, participating in the Victory day parade on red square on June 24, 2020, beginning with the relocation of the training ground in Alabino near Moscow on a temporary site in Moscow, located in the Lower Mnevniki in the North-Western district of the capital", - stated in the message.

The Ministry said that wheeled combat technique emerges from Alabino on the Minsk highway, then it will pass along the Mozhaisk highway, through Rublevsky highway will be released Autumn street, then on the street Krylatskaya reach the Lower Mnevniki.

The convoy of vehicles includes cars "Tiger" protected vehicles "Typhoon-K" is 4x4 with battle remote control module and "Typhoon-VDV", BTR-82A, missile complexes "Iskander-M", "YARS", "BALL", antiaircraft missile-gun complexes "Pantsir-s" anti-aircraft missile system s-350 and s-400 machines to ensure alerting MOBD and the car remote clearance MDR "Leaves", reactive system of volley fire "Tornado-C" heavy flamethrower system TOS-2, a combat vehicle system for remote mining of remote monitoring and technical support unit.

The Ministry reported that more than 30 crews of military automobile inspection will ensure the safety of traffic on the route of technology. Also, according to the Ministry, for the organization of road safety of the military automobile Inspectorate has undertaken cooperation with the departments of traffic police GU MVD in Moscow and Moscow region.

The defense Ministry said that tracked vehicles will be delivered by rail to the station "Presnya", and then to March on their own on the front pad on the street Bottom Mnevniki.

The defense Ministry said that the railroad will go to Moscow T-34-85, su-100, T-72B3, T-80БВМ and T-90, BMD-4M, BMD-MDM, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 fighting compartment "Berezhok", BMP "kurganets-25" with 57-mm combat unit, infantry combat vehicles "Armata" combat module "Dagger", anti-aircraft artillery systems "Derivation-defense", anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M3" and anti-aircraft missile system s-300V4, reactive system of volley fire "Tornado-C", heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A and other equipment.

All will be relocated more than 400 units of tracked, wheeled military vehicles that will take part in Victory parade on red square on June 24, and auxiliary equipment, carrying the necessary material and technical equipment.