The interior Ministry of Belarus told about the threats the head of Hrodna police

The interior Minister of Belarus Yury Karaeu reported that the leadership of the Grodno police received threats because of the incident at a campaign rally in Grodno, which was detained popular blogger Sergei tikhanovski, and promised to deal with this.

At the end of may in Grodno held a picket in support of the nomination of a presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski, in which was detained, her husband Sergey and his supporters for violence against police officers. Later, IC of Belarus reported that Tikhanovski and seven more protesters indicted on criminal charges of "organizing and preparing the actions that breach public order". The actions of one of the detainees is additionally qualified under article "violence against employees of internal Affairs bodies". Belarusian human rights activists adopted a Declaration on recognition of their political prisoners. The head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Ivan Nosewicz 11 June reported that the number of defendants in actions that disrupt public order, at a campaign rally in Grodno was increased to 10 and can still change.

"The chief of the police Department of Hrodna, who during the week got a heart attack in the hospital, had received threats of some kind. Do I leave it alone? Never," said he in an interview to the ONT TV channel.

He also said that the wife of a police officer who was injured in the scuffle on the picket, also began to receive threats. "We, of course, install who dares to threaten the wife of the policeman who was doing his job," continued the Minister.

According to him, the employee of internal Affairs, the admission of which earlier reported the press service of the interior Ministry, feels fine and is already back to work. "Yes, normally he feels. Well nobody said that it particularly strong, serious bodily injury. He is in the service", - said Garayev.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. Signatures in support of his nomination candidates collected 14 contenders for the presidency, five people said gathered extensions 100 thousand signatures of voters. Registration of presidential candidates will be held from 5 to 14 July, after which starts the period of election campaign.