"Leaving the US": the disintegration of the country, in fact, began

What is happening now in the so-called Autonomous area of Seattle is a clear proof that the time when the official U.S. position was a principled refusal to negotiate with terrorists, and have already been created very clear precedent of the effective use of violence in American political life.

The Oxford English dictionary defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, to achieve political goals."

For several days in Seattle, Washington, there is the use of violence and intimidation, and political goals have already been achieved, and none of the violators of the law will not incur any liability.

The flagship of American business journalism, The Wall Street Journal is chronicling the formation of "Autonomous zones Seattle" — areas in which there are American laws, the authorities and the police.

"The occupation of the so-called Autonomous areas of Capitol hill, also known as CHAZ — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, began after the mayor Jenny Durkan on Monday ordered police to leave the station "East station", which near daily clashes between police officers and protesters against the killing of a black man, George Floyd white policeman from Minneapolis, which occurred on may 25.

After that, the activists flooded the whole area, painted graffiti and political slogans on streets and buildings, have set up tents and took the adjacent city Park. The police station was renamed the "people's Department Seattle," and on Thursday evening, activists danced before him in the rap music.

"If there is no police, no problem," said an immigrant from Ethiopia Fekadu Shibeshi, surveying the festive scene."

According to The New York Post, "about six blocks around (police) the site is surrounded by temporary barricades, some hung a sign saying: "You are entering into a Free Capitol hill"