In Omsk have repaired damaged by lightning pipeline

Emergency repair work at the scene of the fire on the pipeline in Omsk, where did the lightning completed, began the start-up of gas to consumers, said on Saturday the situational and analytical center of the Ministry of energy.

Earlier it was reported that last Friday because of lightning in the pipeline, the pipeline caught fire in Omsk on the left Bank in the area of the intersection of Dianova, Volgograd and 2nd Sun. No gas left more than 66 thousand inhabitants - a quarter of the total population of the left Bank of Omsk. According to the regional emergencies Ministry, the burning of residue natural gas has completed at 16.00 MSK on Friday.

In turn, the mayoralty of Omsk reports that it has completed the pressure testing of the gas supply system, purge gas pipeline, currently the track is filled with gas.

"It is expected that gas supply will be restored in stages: first, today, will connect enterprises with a continuous cycle of work, tomorrow, June 14, the gas connection will be arranged individuals in-house and intra gas equipment (apartment buildings and individual houses)", - stated in the message. At the scene continue to work crews JSC "omskgorgaz".

According to the revised data of the city administration, in the accident from the gas supply was disconnected 1 thousand apartment houses, 6200 houses of the private sector, 36 companies of different ownership forms and four boilers.