ROC welcomes any measures to reduce the number of abortions

The Moscow Patriarchate supported the proposal by children's Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova to cut funding for clinics performing abortions, and restrict the sale of drugs for abortion.

Earlier Kuznetsova in the annual report stated that the system of protection of children's right to life and against violence needs additional legislative measures. She called the restriction of the sale in pharmacies of drugs for abortion, and changing the system of financing of medical institutions, in which the amount of funds allocated inversely proportional to the number of abortions.

He recalled that from the point of view of the Church abortion is murder and everyone has the right to birth, so "any measures which may lead to a reduction in the number of abortions, we welcome".

At the same time, the Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church noted that all measures "must be reasonable", "in consultation with the medical profession".

Metropolitan Hilarion also recognized that many pregnant women "from the different parties receive advice not to give birth to the child," and sometimes "involved in this conspiracy against human life doctors". "I know many cases when a woman came to the antenatal clinic to get advice regarding her pregnancy, and she began to incline to the abortion doctors," - said the Hierarch.

According to him, you can often hear the "stories from women who once had an abortion and now deeply regret this, but can't return the life that was taken away from the innocent creatures." "There are stories about how women who had an abortion, more can not have physiological reasons. All these stories are silenced, they write very little," added Bishop.