In the United States have launched a Falcon 9 rocket with Internet satellites Starlink

Booster Falcon 9 was launched in Florida with a group of 58 Internet satellites Starlink, the company SpaceX is a live broadcast of the launch.

The launch was given in 5.21 calculated for East coast time USA (12.21 GMT) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral. This is the ninth batch of Starlink satellites, into orbit, and the third flight for the first stage of the Falcon 9, which should once again land on a floating barge in the Atlantic shortly after launch.

This time on the elliptical earth orbit satellites 58 will be withdrawn Starlink. Technology SpaceX, approximately 26 minutes after liftoff, the satellites will be delivered into the intermediate orbit at an altitude of up to 367 miles. Then, on its own motive power, they rise to a higher orbit for testing and then move on the working orbit at an altitude of about 550 kilometers.

In addition to launching spacecraft constellation Starlink, the Falcon 9 carries in Saturday launch of three satellites sensing for the company Planet. They will be launched into orbit before separation apparatus Starlink.

Starlink satellite network of the next generation is able to provide the inhabitants of the Earth broadband access to the Internet. The project implementation began in February 2018. It is planned to run about 12 thousand satellites. 30 thousand satellites to orbit with elevations from 328 to 580 kilometers. SpaceX has estimated the cost of the project at $ 10 billion.

The previous constellation of satellites Starlink was held on 3 June. It was the eighth launch of the Starlink program. It is planned that the tenth party Starlink satellites will be launched at the end of June.