In Yakutia has increased the number of people infected with coronavirus kids

The number of children among the cases of coronavirus in Yakutia is growing, the districts were instructed to solve the issue of the two-week monitoring children arriving in the summer from Yakutsk to the regions of the Republic, said the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev at the daily briefing of operational staff.

Nikolaev said that the number of reported cases of the coronavirus in the country has reached 2968. For the past day revealed 70 cases, of which 60 have to Yakutsk. According to the operational headquarters, a day in the region have recovered from coronavirus 70 people for the entire period - 1731. In serious condition are 20 patients, the same number of deaths.

"In recent days, we (see - ed.) very disturbing trend – the increase in the number of sick children. Of about 1.5 million people are on treatment 23% are children. Among those receiving treatment on an outpatient basis, 36% are children... the disease is easily transferred, asymptomatic, but they are a source of transfer of infection within the family and further infection...", - said Nikolaev.

He noted that many children travels from Yakutsk to districts for summer vacation.

"We see that in some areas the introduction of disease through the children. I instructed the health Ministry together with heads of municipal regions to work out issues two-week observation of the children, especially for those coming from city to area. This is needed for the health of children and the older generation, and in General to improve the epidemic situation in our Republic", - said the head of the region.

Earlier in his address to inhabitants of Nikolaev region, said that in the first phase of the easing of restrictions from June 15 in cities and towns of Yakutia, where there is a regime of complete isolation, will work consumer services. In the second stage, from June 22, scheduled to open summer cafes and shopping centers without the work of the courts, to allow full operation of public transport, including inter-municipal transportation. The transition to the third stage, when they lifted almost all restrictions will be possible subject to further large-scale decline in the incidence.

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