The Bolivian government has demanded to resume the process against Morales

The transitional government of Bolivia has threatened Friday to take legal action, if the judiciary does not settle 15 Jun work to review dozens of cases against the ex-President Evo Morales.

"If not implemented at the institutional level, exit, or solution, to enable people to access justice, we will take necessary action and rest assured that ... on Monday we will take legal action to have the courts opened its doors," - said at a press conference the Minister of justice Alvaro Coimbra.

Previously, Coimbra and other officials submitted 60 appeals to the Prosecutor's office, demanding the resumption of many other processes against former government of Morales.

Without specifying exactly what legal action will be taken, Coimbra protested because since the announcement of the isolation in mid-March, the judiciary only consider urgent matters, in which we are talking about situations of detainees.

He added that the government appealed to the Supreme court to dispose of the full resumption of judicial activities, regardless of the emergency situation in the field of health.

After opposition in Bolivia led by Carlos Mesa said on mass violations in the elections on 20 October 2019, ex-President Evo Morales under the pressure of war, resigned as President and left the country. After it had retired all the top leadership of Bolivia, the government passed the opposition Vice-speaker of the Senate Jeannine Agnes. Authorities announced the holding of new presidential elections. Morales is forbidden to participate in them as a candidate, he is in Argentina, where headed the presidential campaign of his "Movement towards socialism".