Media: the U.S. justice Department intends to publish an expanded version of the Mueller report

The U.S. Department of justice has announced plans to publish by June 19 an extended version of the report of spectracolor Robert Mueller on the "Russian intervention", reports the Washington Post.

In 2019, the human rights group EPIC, and the news site BuzzFeed News filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of justice with a request to publish the report of Muller. A Federal judge for the district of Columbia ruled that the DOJ must provide information on the edit report.

As the newspaper notes, the U.S. justice Department notified the court in Washington that an expanded and less edited version of the report, Mueller published by June 19. In it, in particular, further information will be provided about a former US presidential Advisor Donald trump, Roger stone.

Spectacular Robert Mueller in April 2019 has completed more than two year investigation. He confirmed the accusations against Russia of meddling in elections in the United States, which Moscow denies, but found no evidence of "collusion" trump with Russia, the existence of which is denied in the Kremlin and in the White house.