Switzerland urged the United States to lift sanctions against members of the ICC

Switzerland regrets the US decision to impose sanctions against representatives of the International criminal court and calls upon them to cancel, the statement of the Federal Council (government), published on Friday.

"Switzerland expresses its concern in the face of the expansion of restrictions in issuing visas and a new economic sanctions that the US imposed against members of the ICC, their loved ones, and physical and legal entities, which are supported by investigations of US citizens. Switzerland urged the United States to cancel these comprehensive measures," the statement said.

The document stresses that the Bern reaffirms its support for the ICC as an independent Institute, which investigates the most serious crimes and contribute to international stability and security.

Switzerland recalls that the ICC can initiate an investigation against individuals only if the judicial authority of the state concerned is unable or does not want to do. In this regard, the Confederation calls on the US to ensure a thorough investigation and prosecute American personnel involved in crimes investigated by the ICC.

Earlier, the White house announced that trump signed a decree on sanctions against individuals associated with the investigations of the ICC in relation to military and other officials in the United States, accusing this international structure in biased investigations and corruption.