In the Czech Republic closed the case on "the poison from Russia"

The thing about poison, against which the Czech Republic sent representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo, closed, information about ricin, were not confirmed, said on Friday the Czech security and information (SBI, counterintelligence).

"A few days ago SBI has successfully closed the case of threat to the Czech municipal politicians, which caused many guesses, speculation, conspiracy theories and emotions. Leak to the media has significantly complicated the work of the SBI and police and made almost impossible the investigation", - stated in the message on the Agency's website.

"In this difficult situation, the staff of the SBI continued its work, has received clear and accurate information about the merits of the case, which was proposed to the appropriate recipients. Based on this information the Prime Minister and the foreign Minister made the decision about expulsion of two employees of Embassy of Russia in Prague," said the counterintelligence.

The service also reported that it asked the Prosecutor to investigate leaks to the media in this case.

The weekly Respekt wrote on April 27, citing a source in the security services, that in the beginning of the month in Prague came a man with a Russian diplomatic passport, and brought in the suitcase the poison ricin. According to the newspaper, the man proceeded to the Embassy of the Russian Federation. Czech TV on 10 may said that the man is acting head of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Czech Republic Andrei Kondakov. The Czech media have claimed that he was taken under the protection of three of Prague's policy related to the renaming of the square in front of the Russian Embassy in honor of Boris Nemtsov, the installation of a monument to Vlasov and the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev.

As stated June 5, Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish, one of the employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague allegedly deliberately dispatched to SBI fictional story about the planned attack on the Czech politicians. According to him, in addition to extra work for special services, this person created a problem for the Czech-Russian relations and damage the reputation of Russia in the Czech Republic. The authorities of the Czech Republic has expelled two Russian diplomats, and the centre said that sent the acting head of the Agency in Prague and one of its employee.

First Deputy foreign Minister Vladimir Titov told RIA Novosti that the Russian-Czech relations have recently deteriorated significantly and is not the fault of Russia. According to him, the impression that the Czech Republic is not interested in meaningful conversation and remedy the situation, and probably, on the thinking of the authorities in Prague have been affected by outside factors. Speaking about the expulsion of two representatives of Rossotrudnichestva, "and, as recognized by the Czechs, no claims to him," Titov said that Moscow will not tolerate such an approach.