Iran has rejected the UN report about the origin of the attacking Saudi oil refineries missiles

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran rejected the report of the UN Secretariat, which refer to Iranian missiles for attacks in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Reuters, citing a report by the UN chief Antonio Guterres said that the cruise missiles used in attacks on objects of the state oil company Saudi Aramco and the airport in Saudi Arabia to 2019, was "of Iranian origin".

"Iran, rejecting approval of the United Nations Secretariat, believes that they are made under pressure from the us and Saudi regimes, and is deeply concerned about the use of the Secretariat as a tool for political purposes," - said in a statement.

In late September of 2019, the facilities at the oilfields Abqaiq and Juris was attacked, with the result that Saudi Arabia has lost more than half of the oil production. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the rebels of the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) who control the North of Yemen and the border with the Kingdom areas. However, Riyadh has said that the Houthis could not stand for this attack, because caught in the oil facilities of a cruise missile flew in different direction and blamed in attack Iran, but Tehran denied the accusations.