Lieutenant-Colonel of the Federal penitentiary service reported on the fate of Ephraim in the colony

Lieutenant Colonel of the Federal penitentiary service Igor Shutko has told to "Evening Moscow" about how the imprisoned celebrity and that he expects Mikhail Yefremov in the colony, if the court would give him a real term in the case of a fatal accident.

According to Shutko, an actor can send in a colony-settlement or in the camp of General regime. In the first case, you can rent an apartment for themselves and just "go to work" in the colony, but this requires the permission of the administration. In the camp of the actor will have to live with the squad in the barracks.

"In the colony sit for crimes of medium gravity. There his regime. Rise — Breakfast — work and so on," — said the Colonel.

He believes that Yefremov because of their age probably will not "plow" or "chop wood", but said that drugs are a serious thing.

"Maybe "ten" to go to "strict". There is a different situation," added the officer.

In places of execution of punishments of a strict mode of life organized by the tougher — less parcels, visits, walks and even movements, explained the official. However, the most difficult in the colonies of special regime, which sit in "suicide".

According to the Colonel, the food in the prison is good.

"This is not a Bohemian restaurant, but everything necessary to maintain health and strength in the diet is included," explained the officer.

In addition, he told that to the famous people in the colonies treated with great attention the employees provide to their "do not hurt".

"Plus supervising Prosecutor, who controls everything. He sends inspectors, arrives himself — the plan and in connection with complaints," explained the official.

The Colonel is confident that the prison staff will be loyal attitude to Ephraim because he is famous, but can cause problems with other prisoners.

"If you start with the people themselves to behave properly, "associates" can, of course, a couple of times its in my bucket head to dip, to understand where it is. There conversations are not very long. But smooth behavior, he did not threaten", — concluded the official.

Monday on Smolensk square in Central Moscow, Mikhail Efremov, being in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, crossed the double solid on the SUV, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a van "Lada". Driving the last one was 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov. With closed cherepno-a brain trauma it was urgently taken to the Institute of emergency care Sklifosovsky, where in a few hours he died.

After the first interrogation of Ephraim were sent home under recognizance not to leave. Against the actor opened a criminal case under article about infringement of traffic regulations in an alcohol intoxication, entailed death of the person. On it to it threatens till 12 years of imprisonment. The city Prosecutor's office took the investigation under control. On Tuesday, the court sent Ephraim under house arrest.