In the Netherlands, the activists damaged several statues

A group of activists opposed the "glorification of the Dutch colonial regime", painted with red paint several statues and walls center for contemporary art Witte de wit in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the newspaper reports NL Times.

Activists poured red paint and painted the words "killer" and "thief" the pedestal of the statue of the Admiral of the Dutch West India Company and member of the 80 year war in the Netherlands Piet Hein Peterson. According to activists, Hain was a key figure in the trade and transportation of slaves from Africa across the Atlantic ocean.

"A murderer and a thief who stole from societies around the world. The Hain no place on the pedestal because Hain was never a hero", - quotes the edition the statement, published on their page in Instagram.

The activists also left with red paint hand prints on the walls of the art centre Witte de Vita, named after the Dutch Vice-Admiral. The group called it a "colonial terrorist, who in the 17th century indulged power and greed of the Netherlands, subjecting others to terror and contributing to the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade". According to the activists, the glorification of de Vita "illustrates the culture of colonial amnesia.

Another statue, which spoiled the vandals, the monument became a Dutch anti-Islamic politician of the 20th century, the PIM Fortuyn. Activists wrote on the statue "does Not give honour to racism". According to activists, a politician, was shot dead in 2002, was "the first clear gay incarnation of nationalism in the Netherlands", which explored the theme of rights of the LGBT community to justify Islamophobia.

"We criticize the collective memory of Dutch history, because murderers, exploiters and fascist politics is not worthy of monument!", - said the activists in a statement.