In Chile, for the first time sent to prison guilty in violation of quarantine

Judiciary of Chile for the first time sentenced to a prison term for the culprit in the violation of the quarantine imposed due to the coronavirus, it follows from the statements of the Prosecutor and radio BioBioChile.

"The prosecution have made a jail term in 61 days for the person who tried may 17 to escape from the police monitoring because of the quarantine, and they do not have permission (being on the street - ed.)", - stated in the message South of the capital prosecution.

It clarifies the radio, we are talking about a man 27 years old, who could not be sentenced to other punishment, as had previously been convicted. This is the first real prison time for violating the quarantine, said radio.

Prosecutors said that earlier, 24 people were sentenced to preliminary imprisonment due to non-compliance with the restrictions.

Currently in the Chilean capital Santiago operates a quarantine, since most cases of infection with coronavirus are concentrated here. Overall, the country was 154 092 case COVID-19, died 2648 people.

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