Prosecutors spent three hours talking with the Prime Minister of Italy in the case of the quarantine zones

Representatives of Prosecutor's office of Bergamo, about three hours talking with the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, who as a witness involved in the investigation around the actions of the authorities and a missed decision on the organization of the "red" quarantine zones in two towns in Lombardy in the beginning of the spread of coronavirus.

According to Italian media, a group of investigators arrived at the government Palace Chigi in Rome at half past nine in the morning. Subsequently to the residence of the Council of Ministers of Italy arrived the head of Ministry of internal Affairs and Ministry of health and Lamorgese Luciana and Roberto Speranza, which should also be available for investigators, as persons informed of the process adopted in the beginning of March decisions.

Published on Friday an interview with the newspaper la Stampa, Conte stated that he acted in conformity "with conscience and science," and even today would not change its decision.

Earlier he said that the government of Lombardy has sufficient capacity and authority to isolation of Alzano and Nembro in the province of Bergamo.

According to the newspaper la Repubblica, in connection with the investigation launched by prosecutors in Bergamo have already talked to the President of Lombardia Attilio Fountain and a member of the regional government for health Giulio Gallery. After a visit to Rome, the investigators have to determine whether it was purely on political decisions or actions of the authorities are violations of the law: "it is not easy to define" what is art and whose address she will be nominated.

The Council of Ministers of Italy on February 22 at an emergency meeting established two zones to isolate foci spreading to the North of the country. One of them entered the city of Codogno near Milan and nine other municipalities around it, the other hit the town in the neighboring province of Padua, region Veneto. Under quarantine were placed about 50 thousand people.

In Alzano and Nembro first patients with symptoms similar to an infection COVID-19, appeared in mid-February. Relatives of victims complain about the lack of insulation in hospitals and delays in aid, accusing the authorities of "mass sacrifice".

According to the latest official data, as of Thursday, the total number of cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the Apennines exceeded 236 thousand, 171 thousand of patients recovered, the number of victims was 34 167.

Lombardy is the most affected by the epidemic region of Italy happened almost 40% of cases of infections. The mayor of Bergamo, which became one of the epicenters of the outbreak, says that in the whole province occurred about six thousand deaths – more than twice the official statistics in the region.

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