Norway opens the border for a number of regions of the Nordic countries

Norway will from June 15 to open the border for residents of the Northern countries, but this applies to those areas where the situation with the spread of the coronavirus is stable, said Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

The words of Solberg on the opening of the borders to Northern countries from June 15 quoted by broadcaster NRK.

"But this applies only to those regions where the situation with the spread of the coronavirus acceptable – we are not talking about the summer vacation. We have to take into account the fact that the restrictions associated with travel can be prolonged. The risk of outbreaks of coronavirus in different places until, until the vaccine," - said the Prime Minister.

In particular, for Sweden, while we are talking about only one region that meets the criteria for opening the border – the island of Gotland. Criteria will be reviewed every two weeks.

"Unfortunately, in Sweden, the epidemiological situation is such that we can allow free movement only to and from Gotland. Quarantine measures and visiting restrictions remain in other parts of the country to travel not recommended," explained Solberg.

Under the new rules, Norwegians and Danes can visit each other's homes without complying with quarantine Monday, June 15. This can be tightened if the situation with the spread of the coronavirus will change for the worse.