Saakashvili opened, as will grow the Ukrainian economy

A month as Vladimir Zelensky has appointed former Georgian President and ex-Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, Chairman of the Executive Committee of reforms of the National Council of reforms of Ukraine. It happened after the last decade of April, discussions on the appointment of the Georgian-Ukrainian politician, Deputy Prime Minister for reforms in the Ukrainian government.

The discussion was triggered by the proposal from the Zelensky Saakashvili to take the position that it was without much enthusiasm accepted and significant part of the "Servant of the people", and members of the newly appointed government.

However, despite the assistance they have provided the resistance, Mikhail Nikolozovich new government post in Ukraine has got, albeit different. With him he got what he wanted: an official status, a no budget was well received for its interesting events, and also received access to the media as representative of power — and even charge reform.

But we can already say with certainty that this case is not limited. With the help of demagogy Georgian performer will try to build its own electoral weight, to defend the interests of foreign curators, I will try to lay hands on some state cash flow, and at the same time to lobby for all sorts of business interests, for promoting which he will be willing to pay. Actually, this would be "reform" of Mikhail Saakashvili.

The national Council of reforms (NCR) formally is a special Advisory body under the President of Ukraine on issues of strategic planning, coordination of positions on the strategy of reforms and monitoring their implementation. It was created by decree of the President Poroshenko in August 2014.

It is composed of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers, the NSDC Secretary, head of the office of the President, the head of the Executive Committee of reforms (this is precisely the position taken by Saakashvili), his Deputy, and by agreement — Chairman of the NBU, the head of the Verkhovna Rada committees, and four representatives from public associations. Note that the Executive Committee of reforms, which is a state structure on state funding, consists of only two persons — the Chairman and his Deputy.

In fact, NDS in 2015-2016 was used as a platform to publicly legalizovyvatsya the effect of "Soros" party and representatives of transnational companies on the Ukrainian authorities. With the appropriate agenda.

Got really big NDS 14 Dec 2015, when during a meeting on the reform of state property management has been a hot verbal conflict between the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the then Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili with the throwing of glasses and use of profanity.

In 2016, the NDS continued to meet regularly, though its activities and has not been as bright. But with 2017 as if someone turned a switch, and everything disappeared — ceased to appear, even reports on the website of the President of Ukraine. The answer is simple: 2017 ended the funding from Soros's political activities in the direction of the NDS. Interest in such gatherings the authorities even more did not.

And now Vladimir Zelensky NDS pulled out of mothballs and did not even shaking off, put into use Mikhail Saakashvili.

Last, I must say, the bearings quickly.

Lead the Executive body, consisting of Saakashvili and his Deputy, relying only on meetings of the NDS, the policy clearly was not smiling. The more that these meetings still need to be able to entice quality of participants and not to embarrass, in 2015 Avakov. So what about the plans to hold meetings while and not heard.

But already on may 25 when the NDS was a non - "simple Office solutions and results", which got a premises not only in the building of the office of the President of Ukraine, but also a considerable space in very expensive Kiev Convention center.

If we add to this that by the beginning of June the staff of "the Office simple solutions and results" turned out to be two dozen select "sorozat of grants-suckers", it becomes clear that to secure external financing another attempt to climb on the Ukrainian imperious Olympus Saakashvili managed with ease.

The aim of the new structure are the support of the President and the President's office in collaboration with the business. As her hot desire called the desire to create a comfortable business climate in Ukraine, freeing business from all the burden and pressure from the state. And the main planned result of the declared Ukraine's entry into the top 20 in the ranking of Doing Business WorldBank. In General, the usual rhetoric of style "for all good against all bad" without any specifics, which is absolutely traditionally for Saakashvili.

But, of course, just sit on the grant streams, as instructed by the grantors, it is not the scale of Georgian artists. In fact, Saakashvili and his intentions, even and especially not hide.

The number one goal is to seize Ukrainian customs, head to key positions effective Georgian managers. Rumor has it that this came to Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, the previously noted "successful" reform of the police. Especially that custom after the dismissal of Maxim Nefedov and his team effectively decapitated, and the struggle for an armchair of the main customs is serious.

It should be noted that during Saakashvili, the Governor of Odessa region to him "feeding" has been given to the local customs, major country. And despite the fact that the phrase "Ukrainian customs" in principle associated with the word "corruption", then the politician has managed to lead the full.

Goal number two — hilling local business to provide lobbying services. Through its achievements, Saakashvili almost non-stop is meeting with the real and virtual business communities. After one of these sessions, not even trying to understand the controversial topic, the politician spoke out against quotas on imports of fertilisers, which is exactly contrary to the interests of the local industry. But the most amusing that the sides Saakashvili was presented to him by the farmers, and in fact represented the interests of importers of fertilizers. Which, in turn, tied to the Russian business. It was that fierce fighter with Russia on the move into advocacy "aggressor".

No reason to believe that in the future, Saakashvili will change the line of conduct, is not observed. But you can assume that if the political and economic plans he fails to realize, that at some point the slops may be poured, not only the environment Zelensky, but he did.