HIF explained the procedure of admission by COVID-19

The mandatory health insurance Fund said that in some cases, the patient COVID-19 sent to hospital treatment.

So, if you have confirmed coronavirus infection patient hospitalitynet, unless within three days his body temperature does not drop below 38.5 degrees, the blood oxygen saturation is less than 95 percent, and at signs of pneumonia with lung involvement of more than 25 percent. In addition, the hospital sent patients older than 65 years who have chronic or severe immunodeficiency disease or need dialysis treatments.

In addition, for minors establishes a special order of hospitalization, according to which they are put in the hospital when the temperature is above 39 on the day of treatment or more in 38 over five days, the blood oxygen saturation less than 95 percent, the signs of respiratory distress, tachycardia, shortness of breath, episodes of apnea or the presence of hemorrhagic rash.

Inpatient treatment is also provided in the presence of children have severe underlying diseases or if the child lives together with members of at risk relatives.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.